¿Qué es PROACTE?

PROACTE is a double intervention aimed at adolescents in which it works both cognitively as social and emotional level.

What aspects improvement?


  • Communication skills assertive
  • learning estrateias for proper conflict resolution
  • Identificación y expresión de sentimientos.
  • Share personal experiences with the peer group.
  • Establish appropriate relationships.
  • Attention and concentration.
  • Organization and time management.
  • Self-esteem increasing motivation.
  • Increased capacity for solving tasks

¿ Qué tipo de intervención se realiza?

The methodology is active, participatory, dynamic and flexible. We encourage teamwork and cooperation, as it is intended that participants are involved in activities and establish positive relationships with peers, favoring its initiative to share situation and daily experiences in an environment where they feel accepted and understood. The session adapt in order to meet all the needs that present the participants and assimilate the concepts worked