EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT therapeutic intervention

¿ Qué es ITAE?


Therapeutic intervention is an educational support program psychopedagogical which it is carried out parallel to the regulated education.

It falls on the negative impact of behaviors desadaptativas shown within the school as well as the difficulties presented in each area.

appropriate behaviors for learning will be promoted by prelectura, calculation, analysis and underlined, outlines or summaries.


¿ Qué aspectos mejora ?

Through this intervention aims to improve the following aspects:

  • Mejorar la atención y la concentración
  • Improve organization and time management.
  • Mejorar la autoestima por el aumento de motivación.
  • Increased capacity for solving tasks. (It is shown that improving these aspects impact on behavior positively).

¿ Qué tipo de intervención se realiza?


Within the group will be considered individually specific needs of each student / a promoting activities group or individual dynamics that aims to reinforce the above objectives.

working elbow to elbow with reference school.