Knows what we do and what we fought for.


The Association was founded by the need for unity of a group of parents in finding mechanisms of therapeutic intervention for their children and daughters, thus providing a common response to this condition causes difficulties.

Pontevedra is a region with a large capacity of the necesaidades care services for children and youth, but lacking a specific resource for help, diagnosis and counseling of younger and older with ADHD and their families.

That's why arises ADAHPO, in the year 2012, as a desperate measure of all those families who necesiban to answer your needs.

Starting with a total of 35 partners, today serves more than 200 associated families throughout the region Pontevedresa.

ADAHPO interven on educational needs, psychological and social aspects of child, and adolescents with this disorder, In addition to bringing training for educators, teachers, fathers and mothers, therapies and specific actions are performed, defendense rights and Dase his support to the rest of the family unit at the social level, sanitary, educational and legal.

assistance and intervention to all families is a priority, regardless of their resources, providing the necessary interventions to help improve their well-being in all areas of your life.


After three years of wanderings ADAHPO different action could develop the institutional and social framework being recognized as a leading institution in the sector accomplishments achieved in such a short time:

  • Active part in the design and Intervention Protocol Detecion School, prepared by the Government of Galicia (year 2013).
  • Promoting the unification of Associations of ADHD in Galicia Galician Federation giving rise to ADHD ( fegadah) chaired by our President Mrs.. Montserrat & Aacute; Alvarez (year 2015).
  • Driving in the design and implementation of CONVIVE program for the control and intervention of students with behavior disrruptivas, disciplinary proceedings and expulsion, of schools in the province of Pontevedra. Signing a collaboration agreement Federation of Associations of Parents of Pontevedra ( FANPA) (course 2014/2015).
  • Commissioning of the First Day of Care Diversity; for an inclusive school, in the city of Pontevedra, the collaboration of the Center for Training and Resources Pontevedra ( CEFORE) (year 2015).
  • Signing the first agreement in Galicia installation assignment recreational activities- within the framework of educational attention to diversity and leisure adapted the Specific Needs, that the City of A Lama (year 2015)
  • Non-profit association awarded the prize SERVE 2015. By the Rotary Club Pontevedra.
  • Direct collaboration that basic social services, Office of Children and Gallego service centers belonging to the lowest PROTECTION(year 2014-2015)Meet over 200 families associated since the birth of the Association.


Provide people with ADHD affected specific and multidisciplinary care, helping their full social inclusion and providing support and advice specific to them both and they and their families.
  • Provide a space for attention, learning and support. Psicopedagóxico provide comprehensive support. Provide educational support tools to facilitate academic success and personal minors.
  • Develop programs that will improve their symptomatology base and promote their integral development.
  • Provide legal advice in defending the rights of those affected.
  • Promote awareness of the specific needs of TDAH by the educational community, medical and other stakeholders, through courses, lectures and seminars.
  • Organize leisure activities and leisure time that redound nuhna greater inclusion of collective, of those affected.
  • We give visibility to the disorder Media, thus promoting knowledge and understanding social.
  • collaborate and coperar with institutions public and private.