specific interventions

Desde Adahpo ofrecemos intervenciones específicas para el tratamiento del TDAH. Te invitamos a conocerlas.

What is CBT?

Cognitive Therapy Conductual It is an intervention through which users identify and understand how they think about themselves, other people and the surrounding area, and how what you think affects how they act and what they feel.

¿Qué objetivos tiene TCC?

– Increase self-esteem

– Develop communication assertive

– Learn strategies for appropriate conflict resolution

– Working emotional education through identifying and expressing feelings.

What aspects improvement?

The TCC It helps people change their thinking (cognitive) and their ways ( behavioral). These changes cause the person to feel better about herself (increases their self-esteem, security itself, etc.) Y, in consecuense, improves performance in all areas in which it develops (family, friends, school).

¿Qué tipo de procedure is performed?

The methodology is active, participatory, dynamic and flexible. group work and cooperation are promoted as they seek that all participants are involved in each of the activities to be carried out, and each of them have their moment of limelight. Sessions are tailored in order to meet all the needs submitted by participants and that they assimilate the concepts worked.

¿ Qué es PROACTE ?

PROACTE is a double intervention aimed at adolescents in which it works both cognitively as social and emotional level.

¿ Qué objetivos tiene PROACTE ?

The intervention seeks to improve social skills, emotional and communicative that allow adequate Afrontamento everyday situations and interpersonal conflict resolution possible , as well as to train cognitive skills involved in executive functioning (Attention, memory, organization, planning and self-regulation)..

What aspects improvement?

  • Communication skills assertive
  • learning estrateias for proper conflict resolution
  • Identificación y expresión de sentimientos.
  • Share personal experiences with the peer group.
  • Establish appropriate relationships.
  • Attention and concentration.
  • Organization and time management.
  • Self-esteem increasing motivation.
  • Increased capacity for solving tasks

¿Qué tipo de procedure is performed?

The methodology is active, participatory, dynamic and flexible. We encourage teamwork and cooperation, as it is intended that participants are involved in activities and establish positive relationships with peers, favoring its initiative to share situation and daily experiences in an environment where they feel accepted and understood. The session adapt in order to meet all the needs that present the participants and assimilate the concepts worked

¿Qué es ITAE?

Therapeutic intervention is an educational support program psychopedagogical which it is carried out parallel to the regulated education.

It falls on the negative impact of behaviors desadaptativas shown within the school as well as the difficulties presented in each area.

appropriate behaviors for learning will be promoted by prelectura, calculation, analysis and underlined, outlines or summaries.

¿Qué objetivos tiene ITAE?

– Work habits that encourage appropriate behaviors for learning and study skills.

– Develop and teach strategies for the preparation and processing of examinations.

– Teach and reinforce appropriate and facilitative behaviors of a good study and homework completion.

What aspects improvement?

Through this intervention aims to improve the following aspects:

  • Mejorar la atención y la concentración
  • Improve organization and time management.
  • Mejorar la autoestima por el aumento de motivación.
  • Increased capacity for solving tasks. (It is shown that improving these aspects impact on behavior positively).

¿Qué tipo de procedure is performed?

Within the group will be considered individually specific needs of each student / a promoting activities group or individual dynamics that aims to reinforce the above objectives.

working elbow to elbow with reference school.

¿Qué es ITE?

Se trata de una intervención terapéutica educativa que centrara en mejorar las capacidades cognitivas implicadas en el funcionamiento ejecutivo.

El programa ITE busca favorecer el desarrollo dices funciones afectadas y aplicar estrategias adecuadas para enfrentarse a diversos contextos, both academic learning how to everyday life, while achieving improved self-esteem of the child.

¿Qué objetivos tiene ITE?

  • To train the processes attentional, concentration and memory.
  • Increase appropriate behaviors for learning through the compression work, written and oral expression, he calculus and creativity.
  • encourage reasoning logical and verbal fluency. – Improve self-esteem increasing motivation and ability to solve tasks.

What aspects improvement?

ITE aims to improve and train executive functions , comprehension, written and oral expression , calculating and mathematical problem solving, to promote both academic learning how everyday and thus increase the self-esteem of participants. We also try to improve the autonomy and responsibility for the child, all this adequately promote the learning process.

What kind of operation is performed?

The methodology is active, participatory, dynamic and flexible. Promoting teamwork and cooperation to all participants involved in each of the activities, which they are highly motivators for them. We create a climate of trust and respect, giving more importance to achievements than failures, mediantes the motivation, positive reinforcement and respect for diversity.

¿Qué es TOY`?

This is an intervention psicopedagógica created to promote the integral development of children aged early what are they presenting neaei. The program aims decrease behavior desadaptativas, improve levels of frustration tolerance and learn to manage emotions and feelings in a playful space, artistic and inclusive..

¿Qué objetivos It has TOY?

  • Improve communication aspects of language
  • Discover and understand the reality in which they are immersed
  • Teach values ​​favor the social and emotional development
  • Improve social interaction Learning the respect rules and limits

What aspects improvement?

The program aims to improve social and communication skills through listen out empathic and active, facilitate decision making and problem solving by identifying the consequences of their conduct and the acquisition of progressively greater autonomy and responsibility. So that, modification is achieved behavioral and development of a positive image is enhanced.


What kind of operation is performed?

The early intervention is the focus globalizador and self playfulness of children / which will be protagonists of significant learning activities and highly motivators. We encourage the creation of a climate of trust and affection, minimizing failures and highlighting achievements by motivating, positive reinforcement, cooperative work and respect for diversity


Drawhere! is a program that aims to serve as a tool to work with care, improve mood and enhance creativity of adolescents with TDA/ H.

For this various techniques and exercises related to drawing and artistic expression will be used.

¿Qué objetivos tiene


The program's goal is to improve care, concentration and inappropriate behavior, by a fun and play activity. Also see firsthand that can benefit from the graphic expression to improve certain aspects of your life.

Therefore no prior knowledge is needed tan just eager to learn.

What aspects improvement?

Numerous benefits you get with the practice of drawing, namely a person TDA/ h O neaei you may experience:

  • Mejora de la capacidad de reconocer, identify and express emotions
  • Mejora de la impulsiveness, capacity planning and perseverance in developing tasks
  • Mejora de la autoestima y habilidades sociales animándolo a exponer y comentar sus trabajos.


¿Qué tipo de intervención

It is performed?

joint exercises and other custom will be prepared according to the interests of each student, whether these drawing by hobby, or focused on a more professional future such as inclusion in a cycle chart, illustration or fine arts.

¿Qué es ACE?

Social Skills Training prepares and strengthens the person to face a more tailored way the challenges that makes living in community, face life events and resolve family or social conflicts that are presented.

Numerous studies show the effectiveness of social skills training, including conversational skills include, make requests, assertiveness, skills developed in the middle, etc.

¿Qué objetivos tiene ACE?

  • Increase self-esteem
  • Develop communication assertive Aprender estrategias para la idónea resolución de conflictos
  • Working emotional education through identifying and expressing feelings

¿Qué aspectos improvement?

Since adolescents with TDA/ h Y neaei generally they have low self-esteem and have difficulty communicating properly, we consider necessary to work each of these aspects, along with personal feelings and emotions management as these affect their mood and we own relationships, getting:

  • Improve mood
  • Set-off relationships
  • Learn to value themselves and others feelings and emotions

¿Qué objetivos ACE has?

practical activities will be conducted, using audiovisual media that appeal to users. teamwork and cooperation will be encouraged, looking for all participants involved in each of the activities, and each of them have their moment of limelight.